Tosin Babarinde, Radio Frequency Engineer

At Celestia Antwerp you can gain practical experience and develop your skills and abilities…..whilst enjoying a varied and fulfilled career.

I’m Tosin Babarinde and I’m an RF or Radio Frequency Engineer who recently joined Celestia Antwerp.

The day I attended the technical interview was the first time I visited Celestia Antwerp’s facilities. I was left in awe by the highly driven team and all the excellent and challenging projects they have accomplished. I genuinely appreciate my job here, but I have happy memories of the day I started with the organisation as it made such a positive impression on me and gave me a fresh start.

One of the most important lessons I take from Celestia Antwerp is that product development must truly be "genuine". I wanted to move into product development and be able to utilise my background in academic research. This, I believe, is exactly Celestia Antwerp’s approach.

I am pleased to see that initiatives my company has contributed to are beneficial to clients in sectors such as space, transportation, aviation, agriculture and defence. My job is also highly varied; this month, we had meetings with project owners including ESA representatives, got the opportunity to maintain INDRA equipment, and discovered that Celestia Antwerp helped NASA's Artemis get off the ground.

I have a wide range of conversations with my colleagues, not just about work, exchanging ideas and problem solving. The topics we discuss span sport and technology news to international cuisine. I have also picked up a few words and phrases in Dutch and French.

Celestia Antwerp warmly welcomes you. In this company, you can gain practical experience and develop your skills and abilities. You can also improve the aerospace, aviation and a wealth of other industries that depend on the solutions the company creates, whilst enjoying a varied and fulfilled career.